Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District 
                                      Board of Directors

                              John Hildebrandt, President (2022)
                              Roger Lance, Vice-President (2020)
                              Jason Buckingham, Treasurer (2020)
                              Michael Smaldino, Secretary (2022)
                              Tom Tharnish, Director (2020)
                              Terri Hayes, Director (2020)
                              Tom Kelly, Director (2020)
                            2020 Board of Director election is May 5th. 

The election will be a polling election located at our administrative office, 16055 Old Forest Point, Suite 103. Unfortunately there is no legislation in place to postpone nor delay the election. The District will take every precaution necessary to create a safe polling place for the public under the current circumstances due to COVID-19. For any questions regarding the election, please contact our office at 719-484-0911 or send an email to jmartin@tlmfire.org 
                               Meet the candidates up for 3 year terms:
                                                     Roger Lance
                                                     Eric Nappo
                                                     Harold  Goldback   
                                                     Thomas Tharnish
                                                     Terri Hayes
                                                      Jason Buckingham
                  Tom Kelly is the only candidate for 2 year term. 


The District's Board of Directors for 2020 meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month except in November and December at Station 1, located at 18650 Hwy 105.

Special meetings may be held at the Board's discretion with statutory notice being provided on this website.

Next regularly scheduled meeting  will be April 22, 2020.