Board of Directors 

Board of Directors
Jake Shirk, President (2018)
Roger Lance, Vice-President (2020)
Dr. John Hildebrandt, Treasurer (2018)
Michael Smaldino, Secretary (2018)
Tom Tharnish, Director (2020)
Terri Hayes, Director (2020)
Jason Buckingham, Director (2020)

The District's Board of Directors for 2017 meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month except in November and December at Station 1, located at 18650 Hwy 105.

Special meetings may be held at the Board's discretion with statutory notice being provided on this website.
Next regularly scheduled meeting  will be October 25, 2017 at 6:30pm


October 17, 2017

Notice is hereby given that a proposed 2017 amended budget for the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District has been submitted to the Board of Directors. Copies of the proposed 2017 amended budget have been filed at TLMFPD Administrative office, located at 15455 Gleneagle Drive, Suite 230 and the Districts Website, www.tlmfire.org where the proposed amended budget is available for public inspection. The amended budget will be considered at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors to be held at fire station 1.  Any interested elector of the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District may inspect the proposed 2017 budget and file or register any objection thereto at any time to the final adoption of the 2017 amended budget. 

Notice is hereby given of a second public hearing of the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District, to be held on October 25, 2017 at 6:30 pm at fire station 1.  One petition was filed for inclusion of real property in the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District by the fee owners of 100% of the property sought to be included and the Board of Directors of the District will consider resolutions to gran petitions at the public hearing on Oct. 25th.
1. Public comment on the proposed inclusion of the property by the district within its boundaries shall be taken and
2. Following public comment , at its open meeting conducted that same evening at the same location and time, the Board of Directors of the district shall consider final approbal of a resolution authorizing the inclusion of the property within its boundaires.
Names and addresses of petitioners: Thomas J Puskas, Francis Jena Rogers and James F. Rogers.
Lot 9, Forest View Estates IV, County of El Paso, State of Colorado, 768 Forest View Way, Monument, CO 80132
The property proposed for inclusion within the district boundaries is:
Lot 9, Forest View Estates IV, County of El Paso, State of Colorado
All interested persons and any municipality or county that may be able to provide service to the real property described in this notice may apperar at the time and place stated and show cause in writing why the resolution shall not be finally adopted.