Do I need a permit to install a home alarm system? No permit is required from TLMFPD.

Who disposes of old fire extinguishers? El Paso County Waste will take them at no charge but they must be empty/discharged. ACME Fire and Safety will take them full or empty at $1 each 719-473-2259 

What do I do with old medication or needles?  Monument Police Dept will take old medication in a sealed ziplock bag. El Paso County Hazardous Waste will take needles if they are in a biohazardous container.

If I need help, should I call the fire department directly?
No, To receive help as quickly as possible, call 9-1-1. All calls are recorded through the county, 
Do you accept all insurance for patient billing of transports? Yes. If an insurance company bills for our services as "non-contracted" then the claim needs to be resubmitted and the insurance needs to be called. We are considered "out of network" for insurances, because we are an emergency service provider. 

What should I do if I'm not sure whether or not I need help?
In any situation where you may be unsure about calling 9-1-1, we suggest that you play it safe and call 9-1-1.  For any situation where your safety is questionable, we are more than willing to help you in any way possible.

If I call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency, will I be charged?
The only time you will be charged for a Medical Emergency is if we transport you to a care facility.  We do not charge for medical evaluations. Please contact our ambulance billing company at 1-800-244-2345 with any questioins regarding your bill.

Do I have to go to the hospital if I call 9-1-1?
No, it is not necessarily the case that you will be transported to a care facility if we respond to a medical call.  If we deem a patient stable without having to go to the hospital, we can issue a refusal.  There is no cost for a medical call resulting in a refusal.

Can I request response without lights and sirens to an incident?
While we do take in to account requests for non-emergent response, we must also consider the possible seriousness of the incident.  Often, we will respond emergent to a call only to make it through traffic, and then continue on non-emergent once we get close to the incident.

What is a recommended home kitchen fire extinguisher?
The District does not recommend any particular brands but any extinguisher with a 2A:10BC rating is sufficient.

How do I contact the TLMFPD if I dont' have an emergency?
During normal business hours call 719-484-0911.  

Who do I call to arrange for a home mitigation inspection?
During normal business hours, call 719-484-0911

How do I set up a fire station tour?
During normal business hours, call 719-484-0911

How do I request a visit from an on-duty fire crew?
During normal business hours, call 719-484-0911

How do I get a copy of a TLMFPD fire/EMS report?
During normal business hours, call 719-484-0911

Who do I report a broken or leaky fire hydrant to?
Contact your local water department

What can you tell me about the District's efforts to have a November 2017 mill levy vote?
Click here to go the page on the District's mill levy efforts.