General Information
Station 1 Meeting Room

We apologize for any inconvenience but, Station 1 meeting room is currently closed to the public
for 2019. 

TLMFPD offers community use  of the classroom free of charge for non-profit activities, such as homeowner association meetings, scout meetings, etc. Tri-Lakes Monument FPD has only one room to offer to the community, located at Fire Station 1 classroom at 18650 W. Highway 105.   The District makes this room available with the specific understanding that that operational requirements for the use of the facility take precedent over other scheduled events.  Should the need arise, the District may cancel the reservation of any group at any time to accomodate an operational need.   Any group using the community room does so with the understanding that the group shall be responsible for leaving the room clean and orderly.  Failure to do so may result in refusal by the District to permit future use of the room by the group and payment for any damages or cleaning will be required.  TLMFPD is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal property on the premises to include the parking lot.  TLMFPD is not responsible for any personal injuries sustained during use of the room.

Reservation of the room is necessary. Please contact TLMFPD Administration at (719) 484-0911 or email Jennifer.   Requestors will be required to sign a waiver of liability for any damage incurred or injury. 

Usage Rules
  1. Hours: Daily from 9am-9 pm
  2. Do not park in fire lanes
  3. All meeting or program attendnace must comply with the occupancy limits set forth in section 3.
  4. The District's facilities, including the parking areas and all areas within 15 frrt of the entrance to any District buildings, are non-smoking. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or marijuana in any form on any district propterty is strictly prohibited.
  5. No candles may be burned or other open flames permitted.
  6. No food or beverages permitted in the room.
  7. Fire personnel must be present for access.  No key pad combo will be provided to the public.
  8. Close all doors when finished with the room. Doors are set to automatically lock.
  9. Public access to the building is limited to the community room, entry hall and the public restroom. No public permitted in any other areas of the building without accompaniment of fire personnel.
  10. Children are not to be left without adult supervision.
  11. Use of the room shall not cause noise audible smells or smoke.
  12. Activities which are fundamentally incompatible wiht the Distict's mission are not permitted in the Community room.  These include, but are not limited to, meetings by groups for the purpose of planning, facilitating, or committing criminal acts; advocating or inciting violence against any segment of the community; advocating or inciting the violation of local, state, or federal law; and/or advocating the violation of the civil rights of any group of citizens.
  13. Animals, excluding animals required by medical necessity, are not permitted in the Community Room.
  14. The Community Room may not be used in a "for-profit" endeavor or social gathering purposes except that sales incidental to use are permitted.  Groups or individuals that plan to charge entry fees or sell merchandise msut describe the intended sale or entry fee in their application to the District for use of the room. Sales must be incidental to use only.
  15. Clean and return any chairs and/or tables used to their designated spot.
  16. Ensure all trash is placed in trash can prior to leaving.
  17. Assure lights are turned off in the room as well as the bathroom prior to departure.
  18. Any activity that disrupts the operations of the firehouse or exceeds time allotted is prohibited.
  19. Failure to return the room and associated public bathroom to original condition may result in a janitorial /service fee of up to $50.00.

Meeting Room Usage